Roller Coasters & Promiscuity

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MAR. 23, 2023

Roller coasters were invented to distract American from sin.

Before you clap back at us that this info is incorrect, yes roller coasters didn’t exactly originate in America specifically for this purpose, but the towering structures and wide scale commercialism you see today can be accredited to this. If you do your research online you’ll find that the concept of roller coasters did in fact begin in Russia as early as the 15th century which was later brought to France. However the supposed beginning of roller coasters in Russia that some sources discuss more or less detail a large hill that Russians would sled down.. It wasn’t until the 18th century that the roller coasters we’ve come to know which mechanically lock onto a track came into fruition. Of course safety precautions weren’t widely practiced back then so a fatal accident or two (or twenty) may have occurred.

Railways were common in America for years but in the use of transporting coal, rock, gold and whatever else could be mined. It wasn’t until 1884 when LeMarcus Thompson, father of ‘The Gravity Ride’ created the first commercialised roller coaster for entertainment purposes in Coney Island, which later became the hotbed and most competitive location for the rides.

Why did he bring the roller coaster to America? He was a businessman so of course dollars are floating around in his eyeballs. Our preferred report however is that he hated the ‘hedonistic’ indulgences of American culture between brothels, saloons and gambling houses. So he built this fun, clean and wholesome form of family entertainment that would lure Americans away from seedier past times. And where better to start than Coney Island!

From that point on the roller coaster revolution soared. It had its decline during times of war and depression but it’s a pastime that has prevailed the test of time and to this day there stands over 2,400 roller coasters in active use in the world.

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